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The First Step in the Journey of a Lifetime

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Why Aspire?

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At Aspire College & Career Consulting, we have been working over ten years with high school students and their families as they prepare for and navigate the college admissions process.


Working with Aspire can help to position students for success in the college admissions process as it helps students:

  • Understand factors that will be most important to colleges

  • Identify colleges that fit academically, socially and financially

  • Become motivated to reach their potential as they better understand key measure for their schools

  • Identify potential majors based on strengths and integrate into their college search

  • Receive guidance from a third party to minimize family stress

  • Develop a strategy to select and plan for colleges to visit

  • Identify essay topics that will give them a competitive edge

  • Save money by striving for merit aid and seeking scholarships

  • Gain independence and chart their own path with professional guidance

Aspire College and Career commits to and supports the Code of Conduct known as the Statement of Principles of Good Practice established by the National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC).

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